Ordering Information

Here are a few things you will need to know/do before you place your laser engraving order with me:

1. Estimates are free but artwork, setup, and laser time is charged at $1 per minute. Discount for volume.
2. You will need to strip down your paintball marker and send me only the body/barrel/grip/pieces that need to be engraved
3. If you want your engraving to go over any covers you will need to send me the covers with any screws or other fixings for them
4. Take digital photographs of both sides and top/bottom of the piece/s you want engraved
5. Using any convenient painting/graphics program (e.g. Paint, Photoshop, Corel Draw), draw what it is you want us to engrave on the photographs of your piece/s.
6. If you can't draw the exact thing, don't worry. You can simply mark the areas where you want the engraving to be and point me at the logo/picture/motif/whatever, or tell me in words (including what font/s you want us to use) what you want. The more detailed and accurate your description/drawing is, the better (and cheaper!) it will turn out.
7. Email the photos to me (send them full size as email attachments - my ISP can handle the size, don't worry!) and I'll evaluate your needs and contact you with any questions or clarifications I have and then provide you with a fairly accurate estimate.
8. If you like the estimate, send me your marker pieces (my address is on the contact page) and I'll schedule you in right away. I can usually promise a 7 to 10 day turnaround for full body, 3 to 5 day turnaround for simpler work.
9. If you want custom anodizing prior to laser engrving, you can arrange for it yourself prior to sending me the parts, or I can arrange with www.gruntbull.com to have them do the anno job for you, same cost for the anno work, but you might save one round of shipping costs. 
10. I reserve the right to use photographs (that I take) of all my finished work for publicity purposes unless you specifically request that I do not in advance
11. Any seriously obscene, drug related, or racially prejudiced material will be rejected - mildly erotic pictures (e.g. breasts) are acceptable - please use your common sense
12. I will ship your engraved parts back via USPS Priority Mail at actual cost, with delivery confirmation (tracking), and optional insurance (if you tell me how much the part/s are worth), AFTER I have received payment for the work.
13. Payment by cash, personal check (with time for it to clear the bank), USPS Postal Money Orders, and PayPal (preferred method) accepted. No cashiers checks, no WU, no other scammy stuff.
14. If you like what you get, please tell all your pb friends about me! If you don't, let's talk....... :)
"Pimp Your Marker!"

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