"Pimp Your Marker!"

As well as pimping paintball markers, I can laser engrave just about anything you can imagine:

- Custom desk/office tchotchkes
- Patent and award plaques
- Personalized keyrings/dogtags/stuff
- Crystal/acrylic engraving galore
- Wooden things (www.daveswoodenwonders.com)
- Denim, leather, marble, granite, and more...

For ideas, please browse on over to www.laserbits.com - they are a fairly comprehensive supplier of laserable materials. If you see anything you like there, let me know and I'll make your want into reality! Your cost will be the materials price plus $1 per minute setup and laser time. Discount for volume.

Anodized aluminum alloy can turn any shade of white, grey, light tan, silvery color, or a mix of these when laser engraved, depending on the quality of the anodizing. Until it's laser engraved, I can't tell you exactly what it will be! Most markers have been quality anodized and the laser engraving comes out fairly white in my experience. Laser engraving doesn't affect the hardness of the anodized aluminum, it just removes the dye in the anodized layer to leave it "colorless".
Other things I do at XYZ Laser:             Pimp Your Marker:

Any pattern, any design, any logo, any name, ANYTHING you want on it, for about half the price of anywhere else! As long as your parts are anodized aluminum, I can laser engrave them. I can work from just a verbal idea or simple emailed description of what you want, right up through you providing me with high resolution graphics, in just about any format you can imagine. Check out my gallery of recent work. See something you like? Got a picture or a link to something you'd like? Give me a call or email me and let's see what I can do for you today!
I have a state-of-the-art $30,000+ Epilog Legend 36EXT CO2 laser engraving system with customized lens/focussing arrangement. I usually make special holding jigs (from wood or thick acrylic sheet) for every job, then, using Corel Draw X3 and high-resolution digital photography, I accurately model your marker in its jig and get busy with the artwork. If you want to re-anodize your laser prior to laser engraving, I recommend www.gruntbull.com - their work is superb quality! You can go directly to them, or I can arrange the anno job for you - same cost either way. Once we're agreed on the artwork, I do test runs to ensure everything is going to be exactly where you want it, then engrave your marker accurately, usually small sections at a time. For marker barrels, I have a rotary jig with a custom hold-down arrangement (because the barrels are so lightweight!) that ensures perfect results every time.

How we do it:
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